International Talk Like A Pirate day memes

17 Pirate Memes To Kick Off International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy me hearties, it be talk like a pirate day and we’ve got treasure to share.

What even is ‘talk like a pirate day’ and where does it come from? Who knows… and quite frankly, we don’t care mateys – let’s just take it for what it’s worth.

Here be seventeen pirate memes to get yer day started. #Arghhhhh.


Funny meme about how Disney doesn't know what pirates are because this image shows 3 young pirates and is captioned that real pirates don't steal stuff - that's what pirates REALLY do.

Healthy dose of pirate fitspo

difference Hall of Fame Johnny Depp letter literalism orlando bloom pilates pirates Pirates of the Caribbean replacement similar sounding - 4721085952

Seems legit.

What’s the most important ship of all?

Important language lessons

ho pimps pirates santa claus usage words - 2061938944

Can we panic now?

Capt’n cutiepie


Image result for pirate memes


Now His Default Search Engine Is Called Boogle

Where am I?

Look at me

I'm the Captain crunch now

Gotta catch ’em all.

But You Have Heard Of Me.

We are shook

Voldemort Calamari = Davy Jones

Just pirate things.

Official pirate history


BONUS: Here’s kitty and good doggo pirates doing their thing…

gifs cute pirates Cats - 8581468416



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