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20 Posts To Thirst Over If You’re Obsessed W/ Peter Kavinsky From ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’

Please meet your new internet boyfriend Peter Kavinsky (IRL Noah Centineo) from Netflix’s breakout rom-com To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

If you’ve just watched this wonderful movie than you would have already realised that woah, woah, woah… this dude is absolute perfection

Imagine your dream boi, with a dash of Mark Ruffalo and a generous splash of Rami Malek. Safe to say, we are obsessed and have scoured the internet for thirsty posts to relish in his pure hotness forever.

1. When he said ‘woah woah woah’, I really felt that

2. The boy’s smile lights up the whole damn world, let’s cancel electricity indefinitely

More to come ❤️

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3. This spa scene does things to my undercarriage

4. He’s almost too perfect, every other guy is ruined forever

5. How can anyone compete with this?!

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6. Seriously, he was built by angels

7. When he scrunches his nose, I actually die

8. We will never recover

9. I’m in awe of his beauty

10. This scene where he saves the popcorn shows he is a man after my own heart

11. How is he so hot from every damn angle…?

Who ?

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12. And the boy can dance!

13. He is my soul mate and the wedding date is locked in

14. Remember that time he was sassy but we loved it?

15. Remember when he invented eating cereal?!

Hit them oats then let @unbreakableperformance break me down.

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16. Then this moment happened and we all passed out

17. Then he wore a suit and fashion peaked 4ever

She lives life unwatched even though she never goes unnoticed

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18. I will rewatch this scene until the end of time

19. Someone sedate me

20. I’m done