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2000s Makeup Trends/Products That Most Aussie Teens Remember

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It’s official, Y2K fashion is sooo in right now, with celebs like Olivia Rodrigo, Sydney Sweeney, and Doja Cat giving us complete looks inspired by our childhood. Shops have brought back butterfly clips, glitter, and bright pattern clothing, and we’re here for it. The revival of the 2000s style is making us reminisce about times we thought were simpler.

Fashion always comes hand in hand with makeup and iconic ’90s products are slowly creeping in. Lots of brands including ColourPop Cosmetics and Revolution are creating makeup inspired by the 2000s.

To celebrate the return of the 2000s, here is a list of makeup products and trends that most Aussie teens would remember:

1. Flavoured roll on lip gloss

Although this lipgloss would crack my lips, I always had one in my pocket. I distinctly remember also using it as a snack when I was given a cherry flavour at an auntie’s wedding.

Y2k Makeup products/trends

The smell of these give me the best memories of my youth, and there were always so many different flavours it was so hard to pick! I also remember the Lip Smackers ad and the colourful ads they had in Total Girl and Dolly magazines.


2. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Y2k Makeup products/trends

When this foundation dropped, it was over for other foundations. Although we kinda looked like clowns due to our lack of knowledge when it came to shade matching, and the foundation rubbing onto my school uniform, no one can doubt the confidence this foundation gave me.

3. Press on earrings

Y2k Makeup products/trends

I swear they still sell these at Woolies, but press on earrings were so much fun! They were cheap, always blingy and had no pain. Opening a fresh packet was so satisfying. The only problem these had was that they always stuck to my hair and pulled it. Ouchies!

4. Frosty Eye Shadow

We love a bright eye and packed eye mascara! OFC it was perfect for stars like Britney Spears and P!nk but maybe not for everyday life. I remember the girlies at school being forced to remove their makeup at the school office and walk out in shame. Sad times.

But on the weekend, this was the go-to look! I also recall that roll on eyeshadow was the quickest way to achieve this look.

Y2k Makeup products/trends

5. Roll On Body Glitter

I felt like a lot of the better cosmetics that came out of the 2000s were from a rolling bottle. I can remember two body glitters I got from a random makeup kit my mum bought me for Christmas. And because glitter was such a big part of my makeup routine, I eventually moved onto…

6. Chi-Chi Dusting Powder – Pamper Me Bronze

Y2k Makeup products/trends

This was an absolute dangerous item. If you weren’t careful you’d have shimmer absolutely everywhere! The massive powder puff it came made me feel so fancy as well. It was great as a kid but looking back at it, the body roll on made more sense.

7. Coloured hairspray

We all wanted to be like Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne so to try and fit that theme of pop-punkness we killed our hair with coloured hairspray. It was so worth it.

8. Glitter hairspray

Y2k Makeup products/trends

And if you didn’t want that punk style, you could have glitter instead! I’ve still seen this stuff around and could probably double as a body glitter if you’re craving that Y2K look.

19. Maybelline Great Lash

Y2k Makeup products/trends

This mascara is a massive OG Y2K makeup kit must have. Although this mascara is perfect with just 2 coats, most of the 2000s girlies would pack this on to achieve the iconic clumpy eyelash look. We loveeeee.

10. Any perfume made by Britney or JLo

Y2k Makeup products/trends

If I could label the 2000s as a smell I would say it would be a mix of Fantasy by Britney Spears or Glow by JLo. I fondly remember my mums makeup collection and seeing these two perfumes, thinking they looked like enchanted potion bottles.

11. If you didn’t have a celeb perfume it would be Impulse

Y2k Makeup products/trends

Every time I would head to the health and body aisle of Woolies or Coles, I would take forever looking at which Impluse can I wanted. Impulse is definitely the equivalent to Lynx Africa when it comes to locker room smells, but this one is actually pleasant.

12. Proactive ’cause all the celebs are using it

If you stayed home because you were sick or you were up late enough during 2000s Aussie TV, without a doubt you would’ve come across a Proactive Ad starring one of your favourite celebs. Side note: I did not own this product, but everyone else around me did!

13. Makeup from Gloss

Y2k Makeup products/trends

Before Sephora and Mecca hit the scene, every Aussie teen would get their makeup from Gloss. I remember all of the different makeup items to choose from, mostly from the brand BYS.

Being a competitive dancer during the Y2K era, Gloss made makeup extremely affordable however being so young and not understanding colour theory and shade matching foundation, my competitive make up looked like this:

Y2k Makeup products/trends

Peep my grandma in the back and the flash back caused by baby powder, used as setting powder. LOL. BYS should’ve sponsored me during my dance days.