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Here Are The Funniest Aussie Reddit Posts From 2018

With 2019 readily approaching, we are looking back on what gave us a giggle this year and what better place to start than on Reddit.

More specifically subreddit r/Australia, the perfect place to reflect upon the year that was and the news, tweets and memes that left us all loling through the PM switches and The Bachelor heartbreaks.

With a garbage fire year like 2018, all you can do is laugh.

Here are this year’s funniest r/Australia posts ranked according to upvotes:

#17. Witnessing history as it happens

New coat of arms for Australia? from r/australia

#16. A nationwide conspiracy

This fucking lie. from r/australia

#15. Gotta love some fush and chups

Little joke for our NZ friends from r/australia

#14. Soo petty but soo funny

I saw him drop his frozen coke cups on the ground. I’d hate for him to leave them behind. from r/australia

#13. I have a feeling EB Games has a sale on atm

What gives you that impression? from r/australia

#12. An Australian Xmas tradition

The countdown is on: only 2 more Prime Ministers ‘til Christmas from r/australia

#11. At least we know what’s important

Selling point for Aussie school from r/australia

#10. We appreciate all forms of beauty

Sexy calendars in Australia from r/australia

#9. A truly big mood

Australian Internet from r/australia

#8. Pls respect the privacy of this very big prawn

Google street view has blurred the face of Ballina’s Big Prawn. Privacy first! from r/australia

#7. An epic clapback to end all clapbacks

Censorship, Australian Conservative style from r/australia

#6. This incredibly blunt sign takes no prisoners

Why are you littering? from r/australia

#5. Just a peak Aussie video of humans dressed as seagulls chasing down hot chips

(x-post from /r/mademesmile) bloody seagulls from r/australia

#4. This far too accurate tweet

This is Australia from r/australia

#3. This hilarious summary of what it is to be Australian

This pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Australians. from r/australia

#2. An instantly iconic sign

The kids are alright from r/australia

#1. A not-so-smooth delivery

here’s how my $300 tablet got delivered on friday 🙃 from r/australia

Thanks for the memories, Reddit.