A Round Up of Tweets To Re-Cap The 2022 TV Week Logies

The Best & Funniest Tweets About The 2022 Logie Awards

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After being postponed for the last two years due to the pandemic, Australian TV has finally been honoured with the return of the good ol’ Logies on Sunday night.

The TV Week Logie Awards, for those who may not be familiar with the award ceremony and to be fair it has been three years since it last aired, is an opportunity for Australian TV stars, celebrities, and legends to be congratulated on their hard work in keeping Aussies entertained.

Also… it’s a massive opportunity to see our homegrown talent get on the piss.

But if you missed out, do not fret! We rounded up the best and the funniest tweets to update you on what went down at the 2022 TV Week Logie Awards:

First things first, the fashion police on Twitter were ready to pounce. Celebrities were either praised or dragged for their Logies ensemble.

Aussie comedian, Julia Morris, opened up the Logies and Twitter was divided over her opening monologue.

AFL superstar and Australia’s sweetheart, Tony Armstrong, won ‘Most Popular New Talent’ and accepted his award with a Acknowledgement of Country and dedication to his mum. Bless.

Queen of Aussie pop, Jessica Mauboy, brought some heat to the show with a performance that had the girls gasping!!!! Unfortunately, the star had a wardrobe malfunction, but like a pro, she kept it moving.

And to top the night off, host of Lego Masters, Hamish Blake, won the Gold Logie, yewwwww!!!!

Annnnnnnnd that’s a wrap! But of course, Tony came back with this iconic TV appearance this morning and we can relate.

OVERALL, the night was a success. But personally, I think two things were missing: Lee Lin Chin and the two foxy ladies from Fountain Lakes.