5 Ways To Figure Out What To Do With Your Life When You Have No Clue

5 Ways To Figure Out What You Actually Want To Do With Your Life

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Figuring out what to do with your life is hard, especially once you’ve come to the realisation that we’re all just tiny humans existing on this giant, floating space rock.

Feeling a little lost is honestly the hugest, most eternal mood.

Choosing the path that you’re sort of, kind of expected to stick to for the rest of your working life can seem like nightmare fuel, but there are actually some totally practical steps you can take to help with your decision – ones that don’t involve ugly crying on public transport or stress-eating handfuls of grated cheese at 3am.

Need some help? Here are five totally practical ways to figure out what you actually want to do with your life.

#1 Have A One-On-One With Yourself

When was the last time you had a candid, no BS chat with numero uno?

Take a moment to think about the important stuff. What you’re good at, what makes you happy, what experience or skills you possess, what you’re interested, and which of these things you can translate into dollar, dollar bills?

Write it all down and keep the list handy as a very real, very tangible reminder that you aren’t totally lost and have options you can pursue.

#2 Try Before You Buy

Jumping into something entirely new is scary as hell – how are you meant to know if it’s the right fit or if you’ll hate it, waste time and be back to square one?

Hitting up the places you’re keen to work at one day for internships, apprenticeships, or work experience is the perfect way to get a feel for what you’re in for, should you choose to follow that career path.

Not only will you gain real-life industry experience and networking opportunities,  it might just lead to a job within the company, which means – you guessed it – sweet, sweet money in the bank.

#3 Hit Up An Open Day

The best plan of attack when you don’t know what to do is to look at your options and TAFE NSW Open Day is the perfect opportunity to put yourself on the path to a career you’ll love.

It’s super easy. All you’ve got to do is visit the TAFE NSW website, find your nearest participating campus, click to ‘register’, and then show up with a tonne of ambition. Yes, this does involve facing a Gen Z’s worst fear (booking and showing up to your own appointment), but future you will thank you for it.

We guarantee that you’ll leave the event feeling like you have a clearer vision of your career path and you’ll be super satisfied having checked something off your to-do list.

#4 Check In With Your Mates

Another great way to glean potential options is to check in with your friends and fam, sussing out what kind of career paths they took to get to where they are and how they felt about it.

Look, we’re not saying to do whatever the people around you are doing, just have a chat with them and see if it sparks any inspiration.

Plus, that relative or friend with the kind of job you’d consider a dream might have some sweet connections and can get you an in. You never know until you ask.

#5 Trust It’ll All Work Out, For Reals

It’s no secret that deciding what exactly you want to do in life is bloody stressful, especially when we’re meant to have it nailed at such an early age. But don’t sweat it if you haven’t got it all figured out right now.

If you follow steps one to four, put in the hard work and aren’t afraid to try new things, you won’t fail – just don’t be so hard on yourself.

In the words of lyrical genius DJ Khaled, you smart, you loyal, and I appreciate you. Now, go out there and make us proud, bbies!

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