7 Ways To Take Your Uni Life To The Nek Level

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When you’re lucky enough to join the realm of higher education, there’s plenty to enjoy.

Whether you’re heading into your first year, or rounding out your last and just hoping to make the most of it, we’ve rounded up seven no-fail ways to embrace all the perks of uni lyf.

#1 Become Someone Completely New And Vaguely Unrecognisable

Remember all those people you used to know in high school? They only exist on Facebook now! Say bye, Felicia to that nervous, stressed-out Year 12 and hellllo to the you that has a new haircut, who likes new music, who eats QUINOA now (what????) and who nods whenever someone talks about bitcoin.

 #2 Exploit The Hell Outta Student Discounts 

Get ready for the phase of your life where you don’t pay full price for literally anything at all! Take advantage of student discounts in pretty much EVERY.SINGLE.AREA of your life– on food, new threads, laptops, seriously guys, the list goes on and on.

#3 Say ‘See ya’ To Those 10-Week Terms

Boiiiii, you about to only be at school for 24 weeks per year! And there is a mid-semester break in there! You can have the most relaxing winters of ya damn LIFE! Remember that 9am-3pm life? No more. Well, until you enter the workforce, but that’s a problem for future you.

#4 Make Tenuous Links Between Your Studies And Your Hobbies

How good is it when you can watch Netflix and claim it as homework for your film electives, or pop on a bit of ‘Suits’ for that first year legal subject? Suddenly, Real Housewives is an in-depth examination of human behaviour for your psychology major. Life is beautiful.

#5 Create Your #SQUAD

Yeah, it can be daunting at first, but finding your people at uni is one of the greatest parts of your new, adult life. Think high school: but add in bevs, kicking back on the lawn most days, barely any contact hours, and free food. Of course your pals are going to fit in well with a life like that.

#6 Join Weird And Wacky Groups

Did you ever have a hankering to play Quidditch, but, like, for real? Cool, there’s a university club for that. Have a burning passing for Scandinavian Ice Fishing Techniques? Gold coin donation and you’re in. Does your calling lie in creating small plasticine figurines and making them fight each other? Okay, that doesn’t exist yet…weirdo…but you could be the one to start it up!

#7 Say ‘Yes’ To Stuff That You Generally Shy Away From

Just say yes. Even if it means that you find yourself in a poorly-lit IGA at 4am doing a scav hunt. Just. Say. Yes.

University is all about opportunity. It is about diving in, in the deep end, desperately treading water in a sea of people also treading water. It’s about taking that plunge: and taking every occasion to beg for free food that you can.

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