a christmas prince 3: the royal baby

32 Questions I Had After Watching ‘A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby’

It doesn’t feel like Xmas is here until an utterly bad movie is dropped on Netflix, and we can confirm the season has truly begun with the release of A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby.

The third film in the A Christmas Prince series sees royals Amber and Richard prepare to be parents but just as the queen is about to give birth, they learn that an ancient curse threatens their family. I hate when that happens!

This movie is absolutely bonkers and coming from someone who watches nonsense Christmas movies for a living, that’s saying something.

I honestly don’t know what to make of it but I know I have many, many questions!

Here are 32 Questions I Had After Watching A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby!

#1. Does it matter that I have no memory of A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding?

I definitely saw it but it kind of just happened to me; nothing actually sunk in.

#2. Does this bitch really still have a blog…in 2019? And is it really called Amber’s Blog? Was this made on WordPress?

a christmas prince 3: the royal baby

#3. That honeymoon looks hella fake, right? Like they’re on the beach yet the tree’s leaves aren’t moving? Did they make this in MS Paint??

#4. What have they done to Amber’s hair? Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she has to look like Carol Brady!

#5. As if a royal could bicycle through the streets without security AND without a helmet?

#6. How is it that I’ve seen this man in two previous films but every scene he’s in, I feel like I’m seeing him for the first time?

a christmas prince 3: the royal baby


#7. This chick Melissa arrives and I feel like I supposed to know who she is, as I have seen the two previous films, but nope. Was she even in the other movies?

Is this all just to keep us on our toes? Damn you, Netflix!

#8. I know we’re supposed to dislike Simon, but is it weird I’m kind of into him?

What can I say, I have a thing for villains with bad British accents.

#9. This girl is a straight-up savage. Can she teach me her ways?

a christmas prince 3: the royal baby

#10. Does classical music ACTUALLY make your baby smarter or does it just make them say words like “indubitably” when they’re older?

#11. Do people really sleigh ride through the snow? Don’t the horsies get cold feet?

(You can tell I’m an Aussie who has never seen snow, hey?)

#12. Who taught this psychopath how to hold a donut?

Show some respect for the frosting!!

a christmas prince 3: the royal baby

#13. Oh, so there’s another fictional place called Penglia?

Is this where penguins come from?

#14. Why is everyone outraged that Amber said “Welcome to Aldovia!” to the king and queen of Penglia as they arrived at Aldovia?

#15. Is anyone else shocked that Aldovia is this big? How is it the size of Germany and France combined but seems to be populated by about 50 people?

a christmas prince 3: the royal baby

#16. Why does Richard exclaim “Perfect fit!” when he helps put on Amber’s own slippers?

Errr… they are HER slippers, m8.

#17. So why is Queen Penglia upset about the storm stopping planes flying out of Aldovia when they haven’t even signed the treaty yet?

Chill bish.

#18. Oh shit, the treaty is GONE. Did they make a copy?

Seriously, I’m going to start doing a shot every time I hear the word “treaty.” Whoops, I’m drunk.

#19. What the hell does this mean?

a christmas prince 3: the royal baby

#20. Did Amber just say: “Investigative journalism 101: The treaty didn’t fly away on its own”?

Umm, I must have blanked out learning that in my studies.

#21. Why is Amber trying to cockblock Melissa from Simon?

#22. So first of all, if the treaty isn’t resigned then Aldovia and Penglia go war? Now there’s an ancient baby curse?

I need a nap.

#23. How is Amber (a journalist!) just accepting that her baby is cursed without asking any questions?!

a christmas prince 3: the royal baby

#24. Are we supposed to be impressed that these two men can put together a cot, while Amber gets ready to push a whole human out of her vagina?

#25. Is it weird that I’m way more invested in this Simon/Melissa drama than the whole baby curse?

#26. You think?

a christmas prince 3: the royal baby

#27. How dare they blame that sweet doggo for not finding the treaty! Isn’t being a good boy, enough?

#26. All of a sudden Amber is in labour, Richard leaves the castle and is riding a horse through the snow. Are a singing lamp and clock about to scuttle across the screen?

#27. Is Amber actually rejecting pain medication while giving birth?

Take it all bitch!

#28. Wow. Things have really escalated, haven’t they?

a christmas prince 3: the royal baby

Is the little girl the ghost? Am I hallucinating? I have done 56 shots after all.

#29. So they find the treaty hidden in the dungeon. Duh! And it was actually Mr. Little who hid it! But seriously, why does anyone care about this, while Amber is supposed to be in the middle of labour?

#30. I knew Simon was innocent all along. Does this mean he and Melissa are getting a spin-off movie?

A Christmas Duke, perhaps?

#31. How is Amber not screaming bloody murder? She is having a baby?!?

#32. Is it just me or does this newborn look like 4-6 months old?

a christmas prince 3: the royal baby

Gee whiz, Aldovia makes BIG-AS-SHIT BABIES.

What a ride! Merry Christmas!