Cat Mayor

A Siberian City Want To Elect A Cat As Their New Mayor


Posted by on Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Move over Chairman Meow, there’s a new feline taking politics by storm.

A Siberian town are so fed-up with their corrupt local politicians that they want to elect a cat as their local mayor.

Residents of Barnual are gunning for Barsik, an 18-month-old Scottish Fold cat, to win the upcoming local election ahead of six human candidates.

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After the previous mayor resigned on grounds of corruption, the town locals want a clean start. Local man Evgheniy Evdoseenko justified his support by claiming that the most corrupt thing that Barsik could do is “steal a packet of Whiskas.”


Another supporter of the feline said “By Barsik’s eyes I see he is concerned about the people.”

The cat has already gained over 5,000 votes against his human rivals, in an unofficial prrr-furred vote poll run by the social media page, Altai Online.

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Despite his paw-sitive 91.6% approval rate at the polls, Barsik is unlikely to be made mayor, with a city council commission to appoint a new leader instead of a popular vote. Even if Barsik doesn’t get the nod, it’s still a pretty claw-some statement for the local people of Barnual to make to the incoming mayor.

Images via Altai Online