abbie chatfield Konrad Bien-Stephens dating couple

It’s Happening: Abbie & Konrad Have Gone Instagram Official

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In case there was any ambiguity around whether Konrad Bien-Stephens has moved on from Brooke Blurton after starring on The Bachelorette, Abbie Chatfield has well and truly confirmed that she is now dating the reality TV finalist.

The Bachelorette finale hasn’t even aired yet but the couple are already Instagram official! Abbie shared a post on Instagram with a gallery of cute photos of herself and Konrad together, captioned: “Me: I’ll never talk about who I’m dating publicly. This mf: [person emoji].”


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The collection of pics includes couple snaps, and videos of Konrad putting eyedrops on Abbie’s eyes and Abbie rubbing her feet against Konrad’s face, with him replying, “No, neither of us have a foot fetish.” TMI, fam!

Abbie also posted on her Instagram Story some additional captions for the images, including one explaining that she had been to hospital the night before after suffering an allergic reaction.

abbie chatfield Konrad Bien-Stephens dating couple

Abbie and Konrad first connected after meeting at a pub in Byron Bay two weeks ago, where they were spotted pashing on. In an interview with Punkee, Konrad told us that “We met through a mutual friend,” he revealed. “My friend was like ‘do you want to go meet my friend?’ turns out it was Abbie, and the rest is history. It was very random, it wasn’t planned, and we just got along straight away.”

In an Instagram Story earlier this week, Abbie had teased about doing a “hard launch” of her new boyfriend on her socials and I guess she decided that today was the day for it. Along with the Instagram post, Abbie added “Comment couple name suggestions”. May we suggest Krabbie? Konrabbie? Or maybe even Abrad?

The post has been flooded with comments. Married at First Sight’s Martha Kalifatidis wrote “Oh cuteeeeeee babes we love to see it!” Love Island’s Phoebe Thompson added, “YAY….. UR HOT AND HES HOT..” This is true!

We are thrilled for the new couple and that these two Aussie reality TV icons have found each other.