Rumours Are Flying That Bachy’s Abbie Chatfield & Matt Agnew Are Back On

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If you’ve been paying attention to any of the latest dramas and happenings on Aussie influencer Instagram, you’ll know Abbie Chatfield and Matt Agnew have both joined in certain debates when it comes to calling out other influencers.

Most recently both called out comedian Nikki Osborne after she posted a distasteful meme which you can read all about here. It led to Abbie then having a war of words with Married At First Sight‘s Ryan Gallagher who jumped to Osborne’s defence. Abbie had also previously reshared Matt Agnew’s subtle takedown of Sam Frost after her bizarre vaccination rant.

Now, eagle-eyed fans spotted a little while back that Matt Agnew had started following Abbie on Instagram for the first time. Today’s latest episode of So Dramatic! pledged to have more tea about the situation and this is what host Megan Pustetto had to say.

“A source close to the pair told So Dramatic! they had recently started talking again and they wouldn’t be surprised if they got back together. After that, Matt went onto several of Abbie’s Instagram posts and even left some comments.”

Megan then went into Matt’s defence of Abbie after he posted an Instagram gallery discussing Nikki’s post.


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Abbie left a comment underneath, with fans also jumping on board the unlikely pairing and their takedown.

abbie chatfield abbie chatfield matt agnew

“Is this a sign Matt and Abbie have been chatting about world issues among other things in their DMs?” Pustetto queried.

In an interview with Punkee last year, Abbie spoke about Matt and their final moments on The Bachelor, joking that she thought he’d probably ignore her on the street if they ran into each other.

“Not to get boring and serious, but I was super in love with him and I still get upset about him sometimes,” Abbie said about Agnew. “And I never got answers. Everyone was like she didn’t even care, but I did care.”

You can watch the full interview below.

Whether they’re just mates or rekindling the old flame is yet to be seen, but we are absolutely here for these two reuniting to call out influencers doing the wrong thing.