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Abbie Chatfield Is Writing A Book About Feminism And We Love To See It

Abbie Chatfield of Bachy fame has announced she’s writing a book, and we’re already excited to read from the holy bible of Abbie.

Titled ‘So Let’s Unpack That’ (which abbreviates to SLUT) Abbie said the book is an entry-level handbook for baby feminists.

“I want to give the reader the tools to retort sexist rhetoric in a meaningful way,” Abbie said in her Instagram post. “Basically, I’m going to unpack all the sexist bullshit that exists and explain how I deconstruct certain pervasive patriarchal narratives.”

Abbie announced her new book over Instagram. Read the full post below:

The book is set to be released in July 2021. Since her rise to fame on the 2019 season of The Bachelor, Abbie has gone on to also launch the successful podcast ‘It’s A Lot’.