People Are Calling For Abbie Chatfield To Be The Next Bachelorette After Her Shock Elimination

In a shock twist on tonight’s second Bachelor In Paradise episode, Abbie Chatfield was left roseless and we are gutted by her early departure.

Abbie seemed to hit it off relatively well with Ciarran on their single date, but upon returning to the resort Ciarran was instantly taken with intruder Jessica Brody. With the men holding the power this week, this left Abbie scrambling for a rose. Meanwhile, after promising his rose to Litney, Jamie thought he’d be able to find Abbie a rose (we’re not sure where exactly) but it wasn’t meant to be.

Abbie’s turned her narrative around after her portrayal on last year’s season of The Bachelor and won over a legion of fans since being dumped on a rock in Africa.

While haters gonna hate, Abbie’s confidence, self-empowerment, and ability to have a laugh at herself makes for refreshing TV and provides a different take on the usual tropes we’re stuck with when it comes to reality TV “characters”.

So with her journey on Paradise being cut short way too soon, shocked fans are calling for Abbie to be brought back… or even better, to be our next Bachelorette:

Give us the Gemini queen!

She deserves more time to ACTUALLY get what she wants, instead of people just saying that when she never does!

We are fully behind this campaign. Give the people what they want!

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