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We Need To Talk About Adam Garcia Stripping On The Bar Like Some Gyrating Sex Machine In ‘Coyote Ugly’

Coyote Ugly is one of the greatest films of the 21st century and the stripping on the bar scene honestly deserves more glory. That 👏  bar 👏 strip 👏 is 👏 iconic.

The movie is currently streaming on Stan, and really deserves a rewatch. Partly because it’s a giant loveable mess but mostly because of Kevin, played by Adam Garcia.

Adam is so damn hot in Coyote Ugly. He really set the standard for crowning any Hollywood hunk as a verified dream boy.

He is the perfect man and his hotness reached peak form when he was forced to dance on the bar to ‘Need You Tonight’ by INXS. This scene practically marked my sexual awakening as a teen or at the very least triggered my thirst for unavailable men.

The popularity of this scene confirms a simple fact: women like to watch hot men strip. Despite this, it somehow took another 11 years until Magic Mike was born. We all know Adam did it first and Channing Tatum was merely a part two.

What makes Adam in this role all the more appealing is that he’s Aussie. He isn’t some untouchable Casanova, he’s the tap dancing dude from Bootmen.

His character is fairly normal, down-to-earth and when he is forced to dance on the bar, he appears out of his depth…at first.

Let’s relive the whole iconic scene, shall we!

It all kicks off as Violet issues her “payback” for Kevin pretending to be a record owner, so she decides to sell him like a slab of meat.

He obliges, and as she pulls him up, he starts to get in the groove.

Then all of sudden, he proves he’s got some moves.

As he swings his belt around his head, I think I might pass out.

All of a sudden he’s spinning around like he’s been possessed by some sexy demon.

I am this horny woman. This is me right now as I grunt out an inaudible ‘yeaaaaaahrr!’

The whole room is filled with thirsty women hypnotised by his body.


The guy is actually fucking talented. He should take this on tour.

Just when the pants are unbuttoned, he is unfortunately sold. I hate when this happens with men I like.

That coy finger shake will remain imprinted in my brain forever, symbolic of the one that got away.

ILY Adam Garcia.

You can stream Coyote Ugly on Stan.