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Guessing The Advice You’d Get From The ‘Queer Eye’ Fab 5 Is Our Fave New Meme

We can all agree that the Queer Eye fab five are angels living here on earth. We would all be lucky to get any advice they’d grace us with, and this fact has transformed into our new fave meme.

The set up is simple. Imagine if you were picked for a Queer Eye makeover. Now, what advice would fab five members Bobby, Antoni, Karamo, Jonathan, and Tan hand out to you?

Because let’s be honest, we’re all just a bunch of messy bitches and truly need all the help we can get.

Here are some of the most hilarious responses on Twitter:

This is actually me.

Some people need A LOT of help.

Others are just a lost cause.

I’m just going to leave this here. (Antoni: don’t hate me)