Here Are All The Places In Australia That Serve Alcoholic Bubble Tea

Have you ever been balls-deep into a Taro Milk Tea, wishing oh-so-desperately that this godsend of a beverage was making you feel somewhat buzzed?

Think about it, you’re always guzzling your Uji Matcha Cheese foam like it’s nothing. Imagine how much better it would taste if it had a lil sumn sumn in it to take the edge off?

Well, guess what, alcoholic bubble tea EXISTS, and no, it’s not just regular Gong Cha spiked with vodka. (But I mean, wouldn’t complain.)

Picture soaking gin in black tea, or creating coffee jellies just to pair with an espresso bubble tea-tini. We’ve found places that have taken their mixology of bubble teas so seriously, that they’ve got people ordering it by the case. So just for you, we’ve put together a list of every place that serves alcoholic bubble tea in Australia and trust us, you’re going to want to try all of them.

Here are all the places in Australia that serve alcoholic bubble tea:


The Burwood Hotel

Let’s cut the crap and get to the good stuff. The Burwood Hotel has something called the ‘Espresso boba milk tea’ which sounds like a fkn dream. It has vodka, Baileys, Kahlua, espresso, milk, and of course, the star of it all: pearls. If that doesn’t make you have a food-gasm from reading then idk what will.

On top of that they’ve got ‘Yakult boba soju’ (yes, Yakult), and an ‘Aperol margarita’ with lychee popping pearls! All drinks are $15 and are served in your classic bubble tea plastic cup. BRB going to Burwood this arvo.

WHERE: 121-123 Burwood Rd, Burwood

Uncle Mings

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Uncle Mings is like that beefy dude at uni that your girl told you not to worry about. Located underground on York Street, it’s one of Sydney’s best drinking venues. While their food itself is iconic, there’s one particular drink on their menu that we have our eye on.

The Moshi Moshi drink features house special spiced rum, Midori, lime, apple juice and popping pearls. Honestly, it’s enough to make you say ‘Moshi’ over and over again until you reach a state of climax. The drink is served bubble tea style, and is $18, which, based on how upper-class Uncle Mings is, is cheap asf!

WHERE: LG, 49 York St, Sydney


B. Lucky & Sons

Known as ‘Bubble Cups’, B. Lucky & Sons has some of the most litty bubble tea cocktails there are. Located inside the newly refurbished, heritage-listed T.C Bierne Building, this 18+ bar is half-arcade, half-club, and is a vibe if there ever was one. But anyway, we’re here for one reason and that’s for the tea, sis.

They’ve got a ‘Taro Bang’ which is Frangelico, Malibu, taro, blueberry popping pearls, and jellies, as well as a ‘Passion Crackle’ with vodka, passionfruit, peach tea, apple pearls, and jellies. The drinks are about $18 each but trust us, they do indeed pack a punch.

WHERE: Shop T1, TC Bierne Building 315 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley

Umami Restaurant and Bar

Since when does Brisbane get all dat good good? Located on top of the Chinatown mall, Umami is where the hottest people in the nation go to eat, hence why I’m there every weekend. The food is to die for, particularly their salmon tartare. The star of the menu, as you’ll expect, is their signature cocktail ‘Umami’ bubble tea, which for $16, is pretty life-changing.

The drink is tea-infused gin (yum), spiced passionfruit syrup, honey syrup, condensed milk foam (YUM) and passionfruit pearls (FKN YUM). Everything about that just makes sense, you know? I’ll be there in 20 guys, get it ready.

WHERE: 2/624 Ann St, Fortitude Valley


Double Happiness Bar

We love a double! Double Happiness is a laneway bar named after the traditional Chinese character for fusion and happiness.

Their bubble teas are iconic and are about $17 depending on what you get. We recommend ‘The Blue’ which is Amaretto, blue Curacao, pineapple and peach bitters, or even ‘The Espresso’ which is tequila, Frangelico, condensed milk and something amazing which they call…coffee jellies. Yes. Just, yes.

Goldie Asian Canteen + Brews

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Goldie Asian Canteen + Brews, or GACB as the kids call it (no one calls it that), is a very modern scale cafe located on Lonsdale Street. Goldie is home to some of the best bao, dumplings, and crepes that will tickle you in all the places that you want to be tickled.

But, we all know why we’re here, and that’s the Bobba. Their signature drink is the ‘Goldie Signature’, which is plum wine, lychee liqueur, peppermint, lemon, apple juice, and gold flakes. If plum wine isn’t your vibe tho, the ‘Peach Surprise’ is bourbon, lemon juice, peach nectar, and black tea. All $16, all life-changing. Get. It. Now.

WHERE: Ground Floor/399 Little Lonsdale St


Lucky Chan’s Laundry & Noodle Bar

Lucky Chan’s Laundry & Noodle Bar is Australia’s first crowdfunded restaurant (whatever that means). Located in Northbridge, the exterior looks like a laundry, but once you’re inside it’s a classy, vibrant, oriental three-story venue.

The menu doesn’t follow just one culture as it does an array of Asian countries, so you can get everything from ramen to dumplings to bao. The real cracker though is the bubble teas which are iconic. We recommend the ‘Lychee mojito’ which is Havana rum, lychees, fresh mint and fruit pearls, served in your iconic, plastic bubble tea cup with a fat straw.

WHERE: 311 William St, Northbridge


Beirut Bunker Bar

Located in the forgotten city, Beirut Bunker bar is Canberra’s most thriving cocktail venue. They’ve got this edgy décor and rustic vibe that’ll light up your Insta grid.

Along with their LONG list of signature drinks, they’ve got the ‘boozy bubble tea’, and let me tell you, it’s definitely going to hit your spot. For $16 you can get a ‘Lychee aloe vera’ with lychee liqueur, green tea, aloe vera juice, gin, sparkling water, and of course the star of the show, POPPING PEARLS! Yep! Bursts of lychee goodness dancing on your tongue, creating a symphony of moisture that is oh-so-satisfying!

And the best part? They’re open until 4am! Give it a go, you won’t regret it.

WHERE: 25 Garema Place, Canberra