Farewell Your 2020 Healthy Eating Resolution, Coz Allen’s Is Bringing Out Mini Choc Raspberries

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According to stats from an email I was sent today, most Aussies break their New Year’s resolutions on the third weekend of January, so if your reso was to give up sugar then it’s the perfect time to forget you even made that promise.

Allen’s has announced they’re releasing mini chocolate raspberries, mixing together your lolly and chocolate obsession in a perfect, bite-sized form.

allen's chocolate raspberry

Inspired by the success of the chocolate-covered raspberries at a pop-up store, Allen’s has stepped up their game to release it in packet form and I’m all ready to sit back and binge reality TV with these bad boys.

If that doesn’t tickle your pickle, the new range is launching alongside Milkybar Cookie Bites AND Kitkat Snak It. I would dump my non-existent boyfriend for any Kitkat related snacks, so this is truly amazing news.

The chocolate raspberries are available now from Woolies, Coles, or a good supermarket near you.