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Just Hear Me Out: Georgia From ‘Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging’ Is A Trash Friend

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Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging was a life-changing experience for me: I had my sexual awakening with ‘Sex God’ Robbie, and discovered my love for punk-rock via a cameo from the band the Stiff Dylans. However, one feeling that I cannot quench is my dislike for the film’s protagonist Georgia Nicolson, who is supposed to be the movie’s most relatable character.

For those who never watched this amazing Brit-chick flick, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging follows the life of Georgia and all her teenage girl antics, including crushes, friend fights, random beauty hacks, and more. The movie is actually loosely based on the novel series Confessions of Georgia Nicolson by Louise Rennison.

But before I rip into Georgia and why I dislike her, I must admit that I wasn’t the best teenager, nor am I the perfect person now. When I was a teen, I had intense crushes and stupid friend fights. To this day, I still argue with my parents and suffer from massive self-esteem issues, just like Georgia does throughout the movie.

However, any empathy I have for Georgia is overshadowed by her trash behaviour in this film.

Anyways, here are the reasons why Georgia from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging gives me the ICK:

Georgia actually demands to have a nightclub party at 14 years old

Right off the bat, we learn that Georgia wants her next birthday party to be at a club with a DJ. This is bad enough, but it’s the way that she demands her parents organise it for her in a bratty tone that just makes me cringe.

She really says “Are you really trying to damage me permanently?” after her parents initially reject the idea.

She could’ve easily compromised with her parents, because a club party ain’t that cheap! Also Georgia is supposed to be a 14-year-old school student, and I’m pretty sure the legal age to get into a club is way older than that in the UK, so I’m not too sure how her birthday party would even work.

Georgia is super rude to her parents

Above all, it’s the way she speaks to her parents that makes her so unlikeable in my eyes. The harsh tones and the dramatic language she uses are sooo unnecessary.

An example of this can be seen in a scene where she makes fun of her dad because he said the word ‘fellow’. She totally ripped into him just for that one word and gave him so much crap for being old. “Honestly Dad, no one says fellow anymore, this isn’t the middle ages, you know, or the 70s as you call it,” she tells him.


If I talked to my mum and dad like that I would be grounded for a month.

Georgia is shitty to her best friend, Jas

Throughout the film, Georgia is completely shitty towards her closest friend, Jas. It starts when the ‘Sex God’ twins, Robbie and Tom, are spotted by the ace gang (Georgia’s friend group), and Georgia and Jas call dibs on them: Jas has a major crush on Tom and Georgia has the hots for Robbie.

However, throughout their joint quest to find love, I felt that Georgia could only focus on herself. Even calling Jas a “turnip” when she daydreamed about Tom, even though that’s a totally normal thing for teens to do.

Tom and Jas end up being a couple waaaay before Georgia and Robbie. And as Jas and Tom begin their relationship, Georgia, of course, has to come through with main character energy and berate Jas for not being a wingman, like she’s entitled to Jas’ help because she’s dating Robbie’s brother. Jas literally just started her relationship with Tom, do you really think she wants to speak to her boyfriend’s brother about you? Hell naw!

One conversation that stands out for displaying this entitlement is when Jas spills the details about Tom and her date to Georgia, but all Georgia could ask about was Robbie. If Georgia was a good friend, she would listen to the details and congratulate her. The conversation begins with Jas saying “Tom’s lips are so soft,” when Georgia interrupts saying “Did you tell him to tell Robbie about me?”

Jas later says, “I dreamt about Tom all night,” and Georgia snaps back “Earth to Jas, did you talk about me and Robbie?” Throughout the whole convo, Georgia would just ask about her non-existent relationship with Robbie when she should’ve been happy for her friend… for once!

Another moment when Georgia displays her horrible friend qualities is when she gets physically aggressive with Jas during a netball game — all because Jas accidentally spilled the beans on Georgia’s elastic band theory (which we will get into later).

During the argument, all Georgia spoke about was her and Robbie. “Robbie is not even your boyfriend,” Jas snapped at Georgia, prompting Georgia to blame her, replying “Well he would’ve been if you haven’t put you big foot in it.”

It was satisfying to see Jas stand up for herself for once, calling out Georgia for all her scheming and lying in her quest to date Robbie, who by the way is still in a relationship with Lindsay at the time.

Georgia then snapped when Jas said she wasn’t going to her party, kicking Jas in the shin.

Like fucking yikes man. Over a party? After she got punished, I guess Georgia realised she was a shitty person. In the end, Jas and her eventually made up. And even after all the hell she’s been through, Jas pulled together a surprise party for Georgia and they got all huggy huggy.

I will give props to Georgia for admitting she’s kinda a dick at the end of the film, telling the audience, “I have top friends that put up with me, even when I act dim.” She ain’t wrong!

Georgia and her friend group are complete gremlins to Lindsay

Lindsay is the villain of this film. She’s in the grade above. She’s a gorgeous blonde. She’s Robbie’s girl. Lindsay is essentially everything that Georgia wishes to be. And I must admit, she did get on my nerves because she is completely vile and rude to Georgia and her ace gang.

However, it bothers me that she gets completely shamed for wearing a thong, chicken breast booby filler things, and is constantly referred to as ‘Slaggy Lindsay’ or ‘Wet Lindsay’.

The whole thong-shaming thing was something I don’t understand. Georgia and her friends call out Jas for wearing one and asked if she “bought her ticket to Vulgaria.” I literally don’t understand the hate towards this specific kind of underwear.

Lindsay was also outed by Jas in front of a whole crowd for wearing chicken fillets. It was so unnecessary.

Georgia used ‘Dave the Laugh’ for her toxic elastic band theory

UGH! Every time I rewatch this film, I always get second-hand cringe watching this scene when I know how it ends. Basically, Georgia’s elastic band theory is literally just making the man you want jealous in hopes of them crawling back to you. To test it out, Georgia used one of Robbie’s best friends ‘Dave the Laugh’, who is just as cute.

To give you a TL;DR on the scene: Georgia takes Dave to one of Robbie’s gigs and the theory begins to work (Robbie got jealous), but Jas accidentally spilled on Georgia’s scheme resulting in Dave and Robbie both resenting Georgia.

Dave actually confronts Georgia about this, labelling her as a heartless user. In the words of drag superstar Coco Montrese, “GET HER, JADE!”

One thing I also realised in Georgia’s pursuit of Robbie was that she was trying to get with someone who is already in committed relationship. Throughout the movie, Lindsay had warned Georgia to stay away from her man, but Georgia acted super entitled to everything and everyone.

You can see Lindsay’s face in the elastic band theory scene that she’s been hurt by Georgia’s actions — along with Robbie’s obviously.

In conclusion, Georgia is a massive dick. She kinda stole someone’s man (but I will also hold Robbie accountable for emotionally cheating on Lindsay), she is terrible to her friends and family, and she also used Dave. I’m also going to acknowledge that Georgia does go through a lot, especially with dealing with the emotions of her parents almost getting divorced and her self-esteem struggles, BUT it doesn’t give her a pass to be, as Robbie puts it a “bitch in uniform”.

This movie is still gold though.