KJ Apa Said He’d Love To See An Archie/Kevin Romance On ‘Riverdale’

Our fave Kiwi, KJ Apa, hit up Oz Comic-Con recently and shared a few juicy details about Riverdale.

Most importantly, when a fan wanted to know his thoughts on the Archie/Kevin ship, KJ said he was all for it. “Love it, let’s go,” he replied.

KJ also revealed if he had a chance to play another character, Kevin (played by Casey Cott) would be his first choice.

“I would play Kevin. Kevin’s my favourite character. Casey’s one of my best mates,” he said.

Image result for kevin gif riverdale

While it’s unlikely Riverdale will give the fans what they really want (Archie + Kevin 4eva) we can at least dream.

Image result for archie kevin gif

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