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Ariana Grande’s New Video 100% Copies High School Musical & Here’s The Evidence

After a far too long hiatus, Ariana Grande is back with new music, a new lewk and a new video!  However, the singer’s being accused of taking some creative license from one of the greatest film franchises ever: High School Musical.

The fresh video for her track ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ is a feast for eyes with Ariana transporting us into a super glam and extra future in the middle of an enchanted cityscape. However, the sequences where the singer walks across the ceiling looks all too familiar according to some fans who reckon she borrowed the idea from High School Musical.

There’s lots of this topsy-turvy floor spinning actions.

Some very astute viewers with their finger right on the pulse of all things pop culture noticed something. We’ve actually seen this all before…


It’s a very similiar visual to Zac Efron’s performance of ‘Scream’ in High School Musical 3, where the floor beneath him rotates.

Nice try, Ariana.

Luckily, the internet fixed it for us all.

Check out the full ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ video below and DECIDE fo yo’self who did it best: