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We Ranked All The Aussie Canteen Lollies & You Will Probz Not Agree

There was no greater joy in primary and high school than using your last remaining coins from the day on a cheeky bag of lollies. But not all Aussie canteen lollies were created equally.

We’re here today to demonstrate that some lollies (*cough* BLACK CATS *cough*) are so gross that we should exile them completely. They shouldn’t even be options anymore.

Whereas other lollies are just so perfect in every way, I would happily down an entire bag of them every lunch.

This is about to get savage.

We ranked all Aussie canteen lollies:

26. Eucalyptus drops

I’d rather eat the plastic bag the lollies came in than these garbage drops.

Via Pinterest

25. Black cats

I love cats but these things are disgusting.

Via Confectionary Warehouse

24. Flying saucers

These don’t look or taste edible.

Via Lolly Shop NZ

23. Peaches

Full disclosure: I don’t like peach flavoured things, so my judgement is 100% biased. Too bad.

Via Heavenly Sweets

22. Musk sticks

Let’s cancel musk flavoured things in 2019.

Via Travel With Bender

21. Jelly babies

I feel like lollies have evolved past jelly babies, also red is the only nice flavour.

Via Moo Lolly Bar

20. Bananas

Bloody bananas are gross and they always dominate any party mix. They’re so big! Why? It’s not like the rest of the candy is accurately sized. If so, surely cars would be big as shit.

Via Lolly Warehouse

19. Jelly Beans

They’re fine but, like, jelly beans will forever remind me of going to the doctors and getting a needle in the arm.

Via Boyd Retro Candy Store

18. Caramel buds

These are nice enough but I honestly forget they exist.

17. Freckles

The most dependable lolly of them all… but they don’t do much for me.

Via The Sugar Shack

16. Milk Bottles

These are a filler lolly. Even though no one ever invites them to the party, a few of them always show up. Tbh, I still eat them tho.

Via Lollies4U

15. Frogs

It really depends on the colour you get. Red? Fuck me right up. Orange? Delete my number.

Via Lolliland

14. Jaffas

Orange flavoured chocolate is still chocolate so they’ve got my vote.

Via Lolly Shop NZ

13. Snakes

They’re a classic for a reason.

Via The Distributors

12. Jersey Caramels

Caramel? Yay.

Via The Professors

11. Chicos

I’m aware this is controversial but I thrive off drama, and these choccy babies are yum. Fight me.

Via Allens

10. Bullets

Another possibly controversial pick but for some reason, choccy and liquorice together just works. I didn’t make it like that. Blame God or Willy Wonka or both.

Via Adelaide Candy

9. Mint Leaves

I’m sorry but mint leaves are delicious and if you disagree then you are a thief of joy.


8. Clinkers

Stop sleeping on clinkers, fam. They’re delish.

Via Lolly Shop NZ

7. Cars

Hell yeah, cars! Vroom. Vroom. The best thing is that ALL the colours are good because they ALL taste the same.

Via The Biggest Lolly Shop In The World

6. Sour cola bottles

A party mix is incomplete without these sour bois. The best.

Via The French Kitchen

5. Teeth

Teeth might look creepy but they taste tasty. What of it?

Via Moo Lolly Bar

4. Mates (aka Cobbers)

Caramel + Chocolate = Perfect harmony.

Via The Biggest Lolly Shop In The World

3. Sour worms

I would happily spend all my lunch money on these. Sure, the blue and pink are far superior to the yellow and red, but I’m willing to take the gamble.

2. Pineapples

Pineapples are just the perfect lolly. They look so cute they could have their own Instagram account and they taste even better.

1. Strawberries & Cream

The one. The only. The best.

Via Moo Lolly Bar

Now I have such a sugar high, I’m concerned I’m going to be arrested.