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14 Things All Aussies Really Want For Christmas This Year

Each year Christmas rolls around you’re inundated with gifts from your friends and family, but eventually materialistic items get boring.

Sometimes you need to take a minute to figure out what you really want, the things money truly can’t buy. Maybe you want the wasted three months back that you spent watching The Bachelor this year. Or perhaps you wish for Dean from Married At First Sight to never upload another explainer video again.

We’ve compiled a list of things all Aussies deserve this Christmas:

1. For the return of Cadbury Marble chocolate in our lives

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2. Oh and McCain, we haven’t forgotten you. Where are our damn smiles?!

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3. Toobs

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4. A stable government


5. A succulent Chinese meal

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6. Big Brother

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7. The 8 weeks Honey Badger wasted for us

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8. Tazos

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9. Who Dares Wins

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10. No more advice from Pete Evans

11. A time when the words “G’day mate” weren’t tainted forever

12. To know who our prime minister truly is


13. A champions version of Australian Idol where we bring back all the faves and make them do a sing-off

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14. And a Vanessa Amorosi comeback

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