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This Aussie Couple Ordered 300 Macca’s Cheeseburgers To Their Wedding & Are Immediately Our Heroes

Our dream wedding has come and gone, involving the spontaneous arrival of over 300 Macca’s cheeseburgers.It already sounds like the greatest ceremony of all time.

Miramare Gardens in New South Wales, the venue where this feat of ingenuity took place, shared a video of the epic UberEats order being delivered. It’s the stuff of urban legend that makes this bride and groom are our new heroes.

Check out the mountains of cheeseburger platters arriving in all their glory, while Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ blasts from the speakers, because of course:

Miramare Gardens posted the hilarious video with the caption:

“Miramare UBER EATS….Nothing like a bride and grooms request for 300 Macca’s cheeseburgers before the night is to finish!!!!”


Now THIS is the kind of wedding we would froff to be invited to!

Fuck fancy schmancy canapes, just give us burgerzzzz.