We Can Guess Every Aussie Girl’s Personality Based On Their First Car

Whenever an Aussie girl walks into a car dealership with her brand new P1 license, more often than not, the car dealer will take her to a ~special~ section out the back.

This area is FILLED with a select range of cars, most likely small with a 5-star ANCAP safety rating, killer fuel economy, an unbeatable price point, seven airbags, and a whole bunch of other ‘ish that will make their parents say SOLD on the spot.

Believe it or not, every car is known to have a certain reputation when it comes to their driver. Whenever you see an SUV or a minivan, there’s probably a Karen in there. If you spot a Suburu Impreza, there’s likely a middle-aged man wearing cargo pants inside. And if you spy a Suzuki Swift, you’re sure to find a brand new P-plater driving her friends to Macca’s.

If you’ve ever driven with a P-plater girl, you’ll know that the inside of their car is a whole other universe. In some, you’ll find storage units, and in others, an entire wardrobe or in-car-dining area (aka half-eaten apples and old packets of blueberries).

So, we’ve decided to take a stab at guessing people’s personalities based on their P-plater car of choice.

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Suzuki Swift

All aboard the Suzuki Swift! First stop…Macca’s!

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Swifties were MADE for 18-year-old high school girls and there’s literally no other market for them. The back seat was BUILT to hold overly highlighted business studies notes, the cup holder was DESIGNED specifically for a Donut King iced almond milk latte, and the glove compartment was CREATED to hold hydro flasks and a half-eaten packet of sour straps.

You will very often find the ~white~ P-plated Suzuki Swift parked at Macca’s, Soul Origin, or a pilates studio.

Mazda 2

The Mazda 2 girl has $$$, and that’s all I’m gonna say.

File:2011 Mazda2 Touring -- 11-30-2010 1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Her mum’s a lawyer and her dad’s an accountant, and they both decided that the Mercedes C-Class was a little TOO flashy for their daughter, so they settled on the Maz.

However, no matter how much money Mazzy and her fam have, she’ll never fail to be that girl that charges you $5 for petrol when she drives you from Emily’s house to your house, even if it only took 10 minutes and it was literally on her way. C’mon babe, you’ll survive.

Nissan Micra

Rachel Berry should be the face of Micra.

File:Nissan Micra (2).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Micra girls get their P’s the SECOND they turn 17 because they need it to get to dance school, which is 30 minutes away, their singing class, which is 45 minutes away, and their acting class which is, well, down the road, but they’ll still probably drive there, because any excuse to get the Micra out!

Micra girls LIVE in their car. You could run an Airbnb out of their backseat because there’s literally so much junk in there. Heels? Got ’em! Geisha costume? Yep! Two half-eaten rotten apples? Definitely!

Toyota Yaris

Yaris girls are always coming up with ~funky~ names for their cars.

In fact, a Yaris girl will literally refer to their car as if it’s a real person, always saying ‘ish like “Gotta wash Yolanda today” or “Where’s the nearest 7/11? Because Yolanda needs coffee ASAP!”

Yaris owners are very protective. That car is spotless and, god forbid, if you ever bring sandy or muddy feet into the Yaz, you’ll never hear the end of it. The Yaris girl won’t let you eat in her car, drink in her car, touch her AUX, and will most likely say, “What percent are you on?” when you ask to borrow her charger.

Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz girls are ALL for saving the turtles.

Why? Because they’ve got half the world’s plastic located on the floor of their Jazz, of course! Fiji, Pump, Evian, Frantelle, every bottled water brand (except Coles), all half-sipped and staying out of our oceans. <3

Other common items on the floor of the Jazz are the James x Morphe makeup palette, a gym bag that’s never been touched, and her HSC binder which has an ~aesthetic~ cover that she bought on Etsy.

Volkswagen Golf

You’ll never find a Golf girl who didn’t reverse park.

File:VW Golf VI 1.6 Comfortline Deep Black.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Golf girls are probably in their early twenties because they weren’t bothered to get their license at 17 like the rest of us. Want the AUX? Good luck! The only thing you’ll be hearing in the Golf is either Kyle and Jackie O or Lana.

The Golf girl will straight up park in your driveway when you invite her over, or block in 80 other cars at Dan’s gatho, so everyone has to ask around: “Who owns the Golf?”

Hyundai i30

The i30 girl got her car for her 16th birthday and has been driving it since she was on L-plates.

File:20111023 hyundai i30 01.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Her number plate is probably customised with ‘ASH.96’, or something similar, and the car most likely has a leather interior and wireless charging. The i30 girl 100% failed her P’s on her first try but told everyone that she was “sick that day” and didn’t end up going.

I30 girls never want to give you a lift home, even if you live down the road, and are always the last to put their hand up when everyone’s doing carpool, even though they don’t pay for their own petrol or tolls. C’mon fam, share some love.