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Meet The Aussie Hero Who Patiently Waited For Woolies Wedges To Be Discounted

Not all heroes wear capes. Some refuse to pay full price for potato wedges. An everyday Aussie hero has documented herself waiting for Woolies wedges to be marked down and victory has never tasted so sweet.

We reached out to Twitter user and YouTuber @neonfiona to get the lowdown on her massive win, which was summarised in a Twitter thread that has since blown up with over 2.5k likes.

“I did not expect it to blow up because it is some Real Dumb Content,” said Fiona. “Tweets of mine that have blown up in the past actually had some comedic or intelligent angle but this is just. Me. Chilling in Woolies. Waiting for some potato treats. Let’s be real this should never have been paid any attention.”

Here’s how it all went down:

Firstly, Fiona established she was in it for the long run.

Sure, eating old wedges isn’t great, but paying full price for old wedges is worse.

Success at last as the wedges were marked down to a very reasonable $1.50. We asked Fiona how she felt when those delicious tatey wedges were finally reduced.

“I wasn’t surprised to the extent of ‘wow! shock! who knew?!’ but it was a pleasant surprise. It was even more pleasant after playing that sweet, sweet waiting game for way too long.”

Sweet victory!

When asked if this is something she does on the regular, you know, haunting supermarkets for price stickers on the move, she hit us back with this hilarious reply:

“I love the idea that this is something I commonly do. Like I just spend all of my evenings circling supermarket employees, waiting for them to bring out a reduced price sticker maker. No, I don’t do it often but never one to turn down a bargain. Who doesn’t love a cheeky reduced price?”

Fiona was quickly hailed a hero.

Not all responses have been positive though. Because, well it’s Twitter, she has also copped abuse for her life choices. Which is rather baffling.

“People seem to think it was a waste of time and keep asking me if my time is worth $3 an hour which is WILD. Firstly, clearly I did not expect to wait that long. And also… Is everyone out here calculating how much every minute of their lives costs? Go for a walk, fly a kite, eat some potato. Life’s too short, mate.”

Amen. This has inspired me to eat wedges for breakfast, lunch and dinner out of solidarity.