Watch This Aussie Morning Show Host Almost Decapitate Herself On National TV

This video would definitely be much less funny if this woman was actually decapitated and died. But she didn’t, so we can lol.

Being a morning TV host might seem like a low-key safe job but after watching Studio 10 host Natarsha Belling nearly blow her head off during a reckless science experiment… I’m not so sure.

This is an alarmingly chaotic science segment that legit could have ended with blood, tears and an R rating.

During a coke and liquid nitrogen experiment on Tuesday’s ep of the morning show, Belling is clearly unsure what she’s doing but the ‘scientist’ perseveres and the whole thing gets a bit hectic. At least the coke bottle rocket took out that tree branch instead of her head, hey!

It’s nail gun to the face all over again. Studio 10, do better! Also stop trying to murder your hosts pls.

What’s worse is that instead of attending to Belling, who looks absolutely shook and complains “I can’t hear out of my right ear,” science dude seems pretty damn preoccupied promoting his book and worrying about whether the near death of the host might be bad PR for his kids’ science experiment book.

The whole thing is a bloody disaster and we can’t look away tbh.

Check it out below:

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