Tim Dormer

Aussie Reality Fella Tim Dormer Pegged To Join Canadian Big Brother

Skeleton onesie wearing, curly-haired loudmouth and past winner of Big Brother, Tim Dormer may be joining the upcoming season of Big Brother Canada.

On Wednesday night Dormer posted to his social media followers:

The deal with the gig in the Big Brother Canada house is that starting Tuesday, Canadians will have the chance to vote for two houseguests out of four international wildcard players. Tim will be competing against international wildcards Jase Wirey (Big Brother U.S.), Nikki Grahame (Big Brother UK) and Veronica Graf (Big Brother Italy).

It’s tough competition. For those that aren’t familiar with the many wonders of Nikki Graham- here is her in her finest form in her viral ‘Who is SHE?’ rant.

After winning the tenth season of Big Brother – a k.a the Tully and Drew season – Dormer has been a persistent presence in the media, he was runner-up of Celebrity Apprentice and made the award winning and critically praised mental health miniseries The Graceland Happiness Project with fellow BB housemate and delightful human being Ben Zabel.

In an interview with Cartermatt, Dormer said that he will need to adapt to the Canadian BB rules that differ from our own.

Dormer said,

“The ‘Big Brother Canada’ format, the game is so different than what I’m used to in Australia. [Where] The public actually votes for who they want to evict out of the house, and who they want to win the show. ‘Big Brother Canada’ is all about the other houseguests voting for you, and it’s going to be a totally different strategy for me,”

“I’m going to have to play the social game, I’m going to have to make alliances, and of course after winning a series before the Canadian houseguests will probably think I’m a threat. I have to make them believe I’m not a threat and get them when they don’t expect it.”