It’s time to check in to American Horror Story: Hotel

The fifth instalment of the Horror anthology series is back and more twisted, dark and gruesome than ever. In fact, season five is debatably about to cross the line.

Taking place within the avant-garde halls of the Cortez hotel in spooky downtown Los Angeles, the series centers around homicide detective John Lowe investigating a series of horrific and totally fucked up murders.

One of the seasons biggest draw cards is the addition of the weird, theatrical and bizarre Lady Gaga who compliments AHS perfectly. Gaga plays the hotel owner, Elizabeth, or better known as The Countess – a blood drinking fashionista who mothers 10 vampire children. Her scenes in the first episode of this season titled ‘Checking In’ have us beyond keen for what’s to come, as her on-screen debut involves a bloodied orgy with Magic Mike star ‘Matt Bomer’. If that doesn’t set the tone, I shall continue…

The episode kicks off with two German tourists checking into the lavish hotel, and the sick and twisted world of the Cortez slowly unfolds. We have a man having his eyes gauged and glued inside a woman mid-intercourse and someone sown inside a mattress in one of the Hotels many rooms. But the most fucked up scene of the episode is the controversial 3-minute rape of Max Greenfield’s junkie character Gabriel by a demon wearing a drill-bit dildo. Yep, this isn’t exactly light family viewing.

Whilst the Hotel itself is pretty f’ing terrifying, the hotel’s inhabitants are what leave you scared and sleepless. There’s Sally, played by Sarah Paulson returning for her fourth season on the show, a heroine addicted prostitute. Matt Bomer plays Lady Gaga’s partner Donovan, Kathy Bates plays the hotels receptionist and Dennis O’Hare plays the cross-dressing Liz Taylor. We’ve also been treated to an array of new cast members this season, including New Girl’s Max Greenfield, actress Michelle Pfeiffer, Model Naomi Campbell and actors Alexander Skasgard and Wes Bentley.

If you love anything scary, long personal monologues or just something completely out of the ordinary then AHS Hotel is for you. There’s no question that American Horror Story: Hotel will have me scrawling through every Yelp review before ever checking into another hotel again.

Catch the first episode tonight at 9:30 on ELEVEN.

Tonight’s trailer is below.


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