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‘Australian Survivor’ Viewers Are Here For Hayley Playing George & Cara Like Puppets

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As we near the Australian Survivor finale, the show’s most enduring power couple — George and Cara — have finally been split up, as Hayley convinced both parties to turn on each other during last night’s episode.

This resulted in Cara being voted off in a rare and exhilarating 2-1-1 final four vote. After Brawn member, Flick, won immunity on Monday night’s episode, Brains had to turn on one another and it looked like Hayley’s time was up. George and Cara have been tightly aligned all season, so it seemed inevitable that they would vote off Hayley, with another vote coming from Flick who decided that Hayley was the biggest physical threat.

Hayley had to scramble to save her position in the final and she did what she does best: used logic to convince people that their smartest move was to keep her in the game. She managed to convince both George and Cara that because she is a challenge beast, it was better to keep her in the tribe so that she can beat Flick in the last challenge — and therefore will take whoever saves her to the final two.

She said that if George and Cara keep each other in the game, they both don’t have much of a chance at winning immunity, so therefore Flick would easily score a place in the top two. Hayley’s pitch worked a treat and both George and Cara casted votes against each other.

Hayley’s pitch made sense — but more so for George than for Cara. If Flick won final immunity, then she’d have a much better chance of winning by taking Cara to the finale, as her pitch to the jury would pale in comparison to the many moves George has made in the game. Therefore, it doesn’t make that much sense for Cara to vote off George and save Hayley, as either way she probably would have been brought to the final two. The only difference is that she would have been up against Flick, instead of Hayley.

There is an argument to be made that Flick has a lot of Brawn allies on the jury, so from that perspective, she is a threat. But from what we’ve seen this season as viewers, there’s absolutely no denying Hayley’s sensational gameplay, especially in comparison to Cara who has seemingly fumbled her way through to the top four.

Either way, I suspect that Hayley led Cara to believe that she too was voting for George last night, therefore Cara would have thought she was following Hayley’s plan to win her trust and secure her spot in the final two. Bad news for Cara that Hayley was gunning for her all along.

Seriously, Hayley has to be one of the greatest players not just in the Australian series’ history, but globally.

Viewers were here for Hayley playing George and Cara like puppets:

If you come for the queen, you best not miss. Only respect for my Australian Survivor winner…

Sunday’s finale will see Hayley, George, and Flick compete for the sole survivor crown. Name a more iconic Australian Survivor final three, I’ll wait.

The Australian Survivor finale airs Sunday night at 7:30pm on Channel 10.