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26 Of The Most Iconic Moments In The History Of ‘Australian Idol’

For a very small space in time Australia Idol was the biggest phenomenon the country had ever seen.

It was event television and for its contestants securing a spot in the top 12 meant you were about to become a household name.

The reality competition actually has a pretty impressive scorecard compared to the singing shows set to follow like The X-Factor and The Voice. The series created recording artists with long-lasting careers like Guy Sebastian, Matt Corby, Jessica Mauboy and Lisa Mitchell to name a few.

The show itself produced some truly iconic, ‘touchdown’ moments across its seven seasons that most of us may have forgotten about but we’re here to remind you.

Let’s do this!

Here are the 26 most iconic moments in the history of Australian Idol:

#1. Guy Sebastian performed ‘Climb Every Mountain’

This one song sealed his fate as the winner, sorry Shannon.

#2. Shannon Noll performed ‘Working Class Man’ and became an Aussie icon

A meme was born.

#3. Mark Holden gave his first touchdown

The honour went to Cosima De Vito’s amazing rendition of ‘When The War Is Over’.

#4. Paulini sang ‘Somewhere’ and stunned us all

This queen should have taken the entire competition IMHO.

#5. Cosima had to pull out of the competition because of the dreaded nodules

A tragedy. I’m still not over it.

#6. Dicko body-shamed Paulini for wearing a gold dress (even though she looked like a babe)

He was trash in 2002 and he’s still trash.

#7. Shannon lost to Guy in the Australian Idol finale

Breaking hearts across a nation.

#8. Flynn Liu’s intense audition went viral

He even went on to release a cover of Freestylers’ ‘Push Up’ which we have all collectively suppressed from our memories.

#9. We fell in love with Ben McKenzie’s beautiful voice and cool hair

His version of ‘Mad World’ was iconic but he is most remembered for this masterpiece.

#10. Classical singer Daniel Belle tried his hand at pop music

It was the cringiest performance of all time.

#11. Rob Mills sang ‘Angels’ and became a total heartthrob

For a moment in time, Millsy was Australia’s answer to John Mayer.

#12. Courtney Act was the first drag queen on the show

A superstar was born and hasn’t stopped sparkling since.

#11. Casey Donovan’s powerful audition left us all speechless

No one can say this girl didn’t deserve to win.

#12. Joel Turner beatboxed his way into the nation’s heart

He later released single ‘These Kids’ which topped the ARIA charts.

#13. Chanel Cole put us all under her spell

She is still my style icon.

#14. Dean Geyer was a teen dream

We fell in love with the ridiculously good-looking South African singer even before he did that backflip.

#15. Ricki-Lee got eliminated criminally early and we all called for blood

Sometimes the Australian public cannot be trusted, which was demonstrated here by the greatest oversight in the history of the show.

#16. Two words: ‘The Prayer’

Every home in Australia had the single and Anthony Callea is still your mum’s ultimate fave.

#17. Lisa Mitchell brought something completely different to the show

The best was yet to come.

#18. Emily Williams slayed ‘I Will Always Love You’

She ended up losing to Kate DeAraugo in the finale by 1% vote margin and I’m still furious.

#19. Carl Riseley was Australia’s answer to Michael Bublé

He can play me like a trumpet any day.

#20. Kate Cook’s original song in her audition wrecked us

Chills. R.I.P Kate.

#21. Actual angel Jessica Mauboy auditioned in Alice Springs at the age of 16

The true winner of season four. Don’t fight me on this.

#22. Matt Corby proved he was simply too good for this show

That hair. That voice. He was carved by the gods.

#23. Natalie Gauci stood on her piano singing ‘Boys In Town’

I don’t know why she got up there! But it was unexpected!

#24. Kyle Sandilands was hired as a judge and then fired

Oh, happy day. Bye Kyle! See you never.

#25. Lee Harding took on ‘Eye of The Tiger’

Did you know Lee Harding invented punk rock? Me neither.

#26. Stan Walker performed ‘The Climb’ and I still get chills

With this performance, he cemented his status as the last EVER winner of Australian Idol. The feels.

What a time! What a show!