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Brooke Got Booted From ‘Australian Survivor: All Stars’ & Fans Are Emotional

Despite holding on to her spot in the competition for dear life, on tonight’s Australian Survivor: All Stars Brooke’s torch was finally snuffed and fans are very emotional.

Brooke’s redemption on All Stars has been a highlight of the whole series. The woman is a challenge beast, claiming more single immunity necklaces than anyone else this season. From day one Brooke played a strategic game, securing a place in a majority alliance early on, with Locky and herself leading the charge and calling all the shots for most of her game.

Unfortunately, by the time she reached merge her alliance numbers began to dwindle and she had to watch every member of her original Vakuma alliance get sent to the jury. But she outlasted them all because she killed it in the endurance challenges, winning immunity after immunity and proving to be arguably one of the greatest competitors in Survivor history. She makes me want to actually go to the gym, well, when going to the gym was an option.

Tonight Brooke’s luck finally ran out after another nail-biting challenge, where she failed to secure immunity, and David, Moana, and Sharn seized on the chance to finally get rid of her. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Brooke bid goodbye to the final three and fans are devastated to see her go — but what a bloody legend!

Fans are feeling all kinds of emotions right now: