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A Loving Dedication To Shonee: The Coolest ‘Australian Survivor’ Player In History

On tonight’s Australian Survivor: All Stars, the series got a bit more basic and a little less watchable. That’s right, sadly our queen Shonee’s reign has ended.

As a massive player and personality in the game, to say fans are devastated would be an understatement.

Shonee spent almost the entirety of All Stars as an underdog. She was targeted from the very beginning because she was not seen as a physical threat and therefore was blamed for each challenge loss. Somehow she persevered. Every step of Shonee’s Survivor journey she had votes constantly thrown her way. Somehow she persevered. She spent all of her time post-merge stuck in a minority alliance losing numbers by the day. Somehow she persevered.

Shonee was not only a phenomenal player but the life and soul of this year’s Survivor. We simply don’t deserve her and here’s a few reasons why she is the absolute coolest — and my personal hero.

Every time Shonee was the coolest Australian Survivor player in history:

When we found out she was on All Stars and the series went from good to great

When she was the biggest social threat the game has ever seen

When she was the funniest person on the whole damn show

When she and Brooke were BFF goals (even when one knee-kicked the other in the face)

When she, AK, and Brooke had an unbreakable bond

When she didn’t take anyone’s shit, not even from the host of Australian Survivor

When she survived Exile Beach…TWICE!

When she was a self-aware queen

When she was all about that side-eye at tribal

When she never held back her opinion

When she appreciated what’s important

When she was solely responsible for bringing the bucket hat back into fashion

When she gifted us this iconic feminist mantra for the ages

When she disproved all her haters

When she was a total boss

When she didn’t fall for David’s charms unlike us mere mortals

When the only gift she received from home was sunglasses and she rocked them

When she cried over a sandwich

Basically, when everything she did and said became iconic

* Furiously starts petition for Shonee to co-host next season *