Australian Survivor All Stars Henry fake idol

Henry Tried To Play A Fake Idol On ‘Australian Survivor: All Stars’ & It Was Low-Key Hilarious

My heart broke just a little bit tonight as Henry Nicholson, one of the most iconic players on Australian Survivor: All Stars, got eliminated…but you can’t say he didn’t go down swinging.

The odds were stacked against poor Zen Hen. He hadn’t been apart of a majority alliance since the games began, and as his tribe lost the immunity challenge it was either his or Shonee’s head on the chopping block. Going into panic mode, Henry decided to conjure up a fake idol out of bits and pieces from camp and planned on pretending like he just happened to find it at tribal council. Cool story, bro.

This sounded a lot better in theory because as Henry walked into tribal, he had to first put down the idol for him to later discover and he DID NOT do this with much grace or subtlety. In fact, it seems like Nick totally saw Henry drop it, so when he went to go and fetch it in front of his tribe before voting commenced, he was immediately called out for planting it by Nick. Lol.

While Henry’s stunt might have secured him a few more votes for Shonee, sadly his fate was already sealed because Shonee had an idol — an actual real idol which she decided to play, unlike Henry and his fake idol.

Viewers had to laugh at Henry’s attempt to convince his tribe he found an idol:

Many of us will miss seeing Zen Hen on our screens:

Gone but never forgotten…