australian survivor: all stars line-up 2020

This Is The Full ‘Australian Survivor: All Stars’ Line-Up

Survivors, ready? Hell yeah. Tonight Australian Survivor: All Stars kicked off and I am shaking.

That intro gave me all the feels, as our host Jonathan LaPaglia gradually introduced us to the cast of all stars we will be following all season. Ooft, the gang’s all here! What a crew!

While I’m personally cut that series villain Zach got to come back, Survivor queen Shonee’s iconic commentary will get me through pain.

This is the full line-up for Australian Survivor: All Stars!

Henry Nicholson

Shane Gould

Harry Hills

Lydia Lassila

Locky Gilbert

Nick Iadanza

Phoebe Timmins

Felicity ‘Flick’ Egginton

Brooke Jowett

Mark ‘Tarzan’ Herlaar

Mat Rogers

Jericho Malabonga

Aaron ‘AK’ Knight

David Genat

Shonee Fairfax

Lee Carseldine

Abbey Holmes

Daisy Richardson

John Eastoe

Jacqui Patterson

Michelle Dougan

Moana Hope

Sharn Coombes

Zach Kozyrski

Tune into all the carnage on Australian Survivor: All Stars at 7:30pm tomorrow night on Channel 10.