Ultimate Bros Locky & Henry Will Reunite On ‘Australian Survivor: All Stars’

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The ultimate Survivor bromance is going to reignite once more as it’s been confirmed that Locky Gilbert with be reuniting with Henry Nicholson on Australian Survivor: All Stars.

My heart! Fans will remember Locky and Henry’s friendship from the 2017 season, as the two handsome fellas formed a tight alliance and became close mates; a friendship which continued long after the show had finished.

We loved to see it!

Aside from his wholesome friendship with Henry, Locky was well-known on Australian Survivor for absolutely dominating physical challenges and by outstaying most of his tribe’s welcome by constantly winning immunity challenges.

“Going into All Stars, I’ve got a massive target on my back,” Locky said. “I’m here to prove that a Challenge Beast can take the title of Sole Survivor. I want to prove that I am the top dog.”

Locky is one of three new All Stars revealed this week, joining previous winner Jericho Malabonga, along with one of the show’s most beloved villains Aaron ‘AK’ Knight.

Check out Locky’s teaser for Australian Survivor: All Stars below: