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An ‘Australian Survivor’ Legend Just Got Booted & People On Twitter Are Very Much Not OK

He fought to the very end, but tonight Nick’s luck ran out as he finally got booted from Australian Survivor: All Stars.

In a blindside orchestrated by David and Moana — two Survivor supervillains we never knew we needed — Nick was led to believe that Jacqui would be receiving the majority of the votes, but he quickly worked out that they were in fact gunning for him the whole time.

Scrambling before tribal council, it appeared like Nick may have convinced some of his tribe mates to split their votes between David and Zach but alas as the votes got read out by JLP it was clear they had all written down Nick’s name. The poor guy tried his very best.

It’s a bittersweet ending for Nick, who is one of the game’s most beloved players. Affectionately known as ‘Nick the Snake’, he became our country’s first fully-fledged Survivor villain. Many hoped he would have made it further in the game this time around but was burnt badly in the tribe swap, losing his core alliance of Shonee and Harry.

The most tragic part is that Harry had an advantage that he almost passed on to Nick which would have stopped the Mokuta tribal result from even being revealed, therefore saving Nick. With the merge happening on tomorrow night’s episode, Nick was merely hours away from being united with his Dirty Rascals.

Why is life so cruel? I’m actually sobbing.

Viewers are low-key devo Nick got evicted from Australian Survivor: All Stars before the merge: