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These Tweets Perfectly Summarise Last Night’s Hectic ‘Australian Survivor: All Stars’

Last night’s episode of Australian Survivor: All Stars was truly hectic with more twists and turns than a Curly Wurly.

In a first for the series, both tribes went into tribal council but instead of a member being voted off from each respective tribe, the evicted contestants had to battle it out in a fire challenge with the winner getting to stay to play another day.

Even before tribal council, things were tense over at Mokuta, with several names were being thrown around (Nick, Moana and Phoebe) and several blindsides being orchestrated.

As Moana set plans in place to blindside Phoebe, no one expected that a fire challenge would decide which evicted tribe member would be sent home. It turned out that Phoebe is a modern-day cavewoman.

Viewers were here for Phoebe proving to be such a fire-making whiz, as she quickly overtook Lydia, who barely got a spark as Phoebe’s fire grew to a massive flame — securing her the win. A true underdog.


As we bid goodbye to Lydia last night and Abbey on Monday night’s episode, this is again a reminder that no one should get on the wrong side of Shonee.