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Tonight’s ‘Australian Survivor: All Stars’ Tribal Was Wild & I’m Screaming

Tonight’s thrilling Australian Survivor: All Stars provided a perfect escape from the impending doom our country (and the world) is currently experiencing and thank god for that.

At tribal council we had our first unanimous vote after Moana and Jacqui received equal numbers, even after a revote. As is tradition, this meant the vote would ‘go to rocks’ which means the contestants who are tied for votes become immune while the rest (minus those with immunity necklaces) who could not unanimously agree, drew rocks to choose who will go. Savage.

While David and Tarzan were immune, this left Brooke, Shonee, AK, and Sharn having to decide whether to make a choice between Moana and Jacqui or have a one in four chance of going home. It was in this moment that AK said he was happy to take the gamble, trying to convince Shonee and Brooke that if they voted out Jacqui they would be left in the minority.

Not going to lie, that logic is pretty baffling considering there was a three in four chance that one of them would go via a rock draw, therefore leaving only two members of their alliance — they’d be even worse off than losing Jacqui. Equally baffled was Sharn, who tried to reason with AK and convince him that if Jacqui left she would join their alliance in her place.

After a bit of resistance and negotiating between the foursome, they came to the decision to all vote out Jacqui. Oh boy, it was STRESSFUL to watch. I guess time will tell if Sharn goes back on her pact.

Fans are, of course, losing their goddamn minds over that nail-biting tribal:

Some people are supporting AK wanting to take the gamble:

While others reckon the three of them almost made a huge mistake: