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YIKES: Abbey From ‘Australian Survivor’ Is Claiming Contestants Get ‘Tip-Offs’ About Idol Clues

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The finale of Australian Survivor is merely days away, with the sole survivor title going to be given to either Hayley, George, or Flick in one of the most exciting final threes in the show’s history.

But while no one can say that the likes of Hayley or George didn’t deserve their place in the finale, there has been substantial criticism levelled at Survivor this season. From needless twists to preferential treatment, fans have long suspected that producers play a larger part in who gets advantages and therefore gets further in the game.

And they might be on to something.

Australian Survivor: All Stars contestant, Abbey Holmes, has done a revealing interview on the So Dramatic! podcast (where else?!) where she spilled some piping hot goss. Abbey has alleged that past contestants were given hints about where to find idol clues.

“I never got any help, but some of the others from previous seasons have said that they might have received a little tip-off about where something might be or little things like that.” When asked by host Megan Pustetto to clarify whether she meant they would be told where the idols were located, Abbey replied “Not necessarily tell them, but lead them in the right direction. They’ve still got to do all the heavy lifting themselves.”

She continued, “It’s really funny because with Survivor you kind of pick up on certain things: if there’s a camera crew hanging out in a certain area, or people whisk you off into a different direction and a camera crew runs after you, you might be on to something.”

Abbey did add that she still thinks the game is fair. “What I love about the game of Survivor is that it’s very real and organic,” she said. “You are out there, you are hungry, you are cold, you are emotional, you are stressed — it’s just the most remarkable reality TV show that there is.”

Abbey also dropped some more tea during her chat. She said that not only is another Survivor season being filmed soon, but she’s heard that the next season will be Survivor: Blood Vs Water themed, where family members are pitted against each other.

“They’ve done it overseas, but it’s basically family members who play the game together. They’re separated into different tribes, but it’s a good concept as you’ll have brothers and sisters having to turn on each other, or mothers and daughter turning on each other,” she said.

“I think we might see that kind of thing pop up in Australia in the not-too-distant future… I reckon we might see that very soon.”

If this is true, strap us in!

We have reached out to Channel 10 for comment regarding Abbey’s claims.

The Australian Survivor finale kicks off Sunday night at 7:30pm on Channel 10.