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Daisy Committed The Ultimate Betrayal On ‘Survivor’ Last Night & People Are Filthy

While Australian Survivor continues to get even better with every episode, one of the oldest alliances was shattered last night when Daisy voted for Shaun.

Daisy and Shaun have long been the ‘power couple’ of the series, with series villain David constantly plotting to split them up by voting one of them out of the game. On last night’s episode, with David winning immunity this meant his nemesis Shaun – who is a massive physical threat – became an obvious target.

Aside from trying to get tribe members to vote for Luke instead, Shaun really couldn’t do anything to stop the campaign to get him out of the competition.

While it came as no surprise that the Champions camp would vote for Shaun, fans were shaken when the tribal council votes were revealed, showing that Daisy voted off Shaun as well. Whether it was the ultimate betrayal or just a desperate attempt to stay in the game, viewers had many opinions.

Viewers are shook that Daisy turned on Shaun:

After being voted off last night, Shaun will become the first member of the jury. So it’s safe to say that Daisy’s actions might come back to bite her.

I can’t say this enough but this is just the most sensational season of Australian Survivor yet. I am in awe.

Australian Survivor returns tonight at 7:30pm on Network Ten.