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Godmother Janine Was Finally Blindsided On ‘Survivor’ Last Night & Viewers Are Taking The Piss

The godmother of Australian Survivor, Janine Allis, was finally voted off the island last night in a sensational blindside.

The founder of Boost Juice has long been a favourite to win and had been dominating the competition until her ally Abbey turned on her last week. And while Janine expected Abbey to be voted out last night, it was actually her name that the majority were writing down.

She was in trouble from the very start of the episode. Janine’s original gameplan to vote Luke out unravelled after he won immunity. In a last-minute scramble, Janine thought that she had convinced Harry and Baden to join her alliance with Pia and vote out Abbey, but alas it was not meant to be.

Harry had been low-key gunning for Janine from the very beginning and he finally seized the opportunity to get her out.

Viewers are taking the piss out of the Boost Juice founder being given the boot:

Many others have applauded Janine’s incredible gameplay:

With five players left in the competition — Luke, Harry, Pia, Baden and Abbey — it’s anyone’s game at this point. The coveted prize of sole survivor will be chosen in next week’s grand finale.

Take it all the way my sweet bby Luke!