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16 Times Luke Proved He Was The Greatest ‘Australian Survivor’ Contestant Ever

No season of Australian Survivor has seen fans rally around one contestant like Luke Toki.

First chosen for the 2017 season, Luke was brought back as a champion this year and has more than proved that he deserved another chance.

As we head into finale week, Luke is ready to dominate the game and make big moves. “I want to blindside the jury, I might even blindside myself because there’s going to be that much blindsiding going around,” he joked last episode.

The man is unstoppable. Simply put, Luke already belongs in the Survivor hall of fame.

16 times Luke was the greatest Australian Survivor contestant of all time:

#1. When he was the first contestant on Australian Survivor to be brought back.

One round was just not enough Luke Toki to appease his fans.

#2. When he never resisted the opportunity to shaka through the pain.

It’s his signature move and we have to appreciate his dedication.

#3. When he didn’t take his rivalry with Matty too seriously.

Unlike Matty….who is no longer in the game. Lol.

#4. When he was the creepiest creep to ever creep.

Creepin’ is literally his personal brand.

#5. When his friendship with David was the actual best.

Luke might be a shifty player to align with but he was always loyal to his boi David.

#6. When he straight-up called Harry trash at tribal.

Only respect for my king.

#7. When he inspired the greatest GIF to ever exist.

I’ve never felt more seen.

#8. When early in the game he was a messy bitch who lived for drama.

Luke can always be counted on to gently stir the pot.

#9. When he always remained one step ahead.

Every time his tribe has tried to get him out of the game, he has had something up his sleeve.

#10. When even JLP has a soft spot for Lukey.

The bromance is real.

#11. When his game-changing move at the last tribal was actual art.

Not only did he get rid of his biggest physical threat, Abbey, he strengthened his bond with Pia while keeping Baden on side by protecting him. All while showing the jury who is calling the shots. It was simply genius.

#12. When he won his fourth immunity necklace.

He now holds the joint record for securing the most immunity wins.

#13. When even the people he sent home reckon he’s a legend.

After blindsiding Abbey, she still had to respect his gameplay.

#14. When he was honestly the funniest castaway ever.

He is always entertaining.

#15. When he was the greatest dad and made us sob uncontrollably.

Luke and his wife share three children, the two eldest boys have autism and their newborn daughter has cystic fibrosis and was born just six weeks before Luke entered Survivor. Luke speaks frequently about missing his kids and it hurts my heart.

#16. When he was the most deserving winner to ever come from this show.

He was born to become the sole survivor. Give him the crown.

If Luke doesn’t win, WE RIOT.