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‘Survivor’ Fans Are Furious That The Champions Are Coming For Sweet Angel Luke

Last night’s episode of Australian Survivor saw fans of Luke (basically everyone tbh) sweating it out as it appeared the champion tribe were turning on him.

It all started when Janine, Simon, Pia and Daisy were whisked away for a spa sesh as their reward and the convo quickly shifted to who needs to go next. Out of nowhere Simon decided to speak for the first time and put forward Luke as the islander that should be voted out.

The rest of the group agreed and fans were bloody shook:

Back at camp, the champions flipped on Daisy telling her they were voting for Harry, while low-key planning on writing Daisy’s name down. But then Pia and Janine became suss on Luke as they noticed he was often having secret convos with the contenders.

It seemed likely Luke could be going and fans started to freak the fuck out:

Thankfully at tribal council we found out that the vote would actually send the islander to exile beach, rather than leaving the competition. Huzzah!

In the end it was Daisy who was voted to go to exile beach and our sweet angel Luke survived to play another day.