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It’s Official: ‘Australian Survivor’ Fans Are In Love With Unlikely Hero George

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George Mladenov is a man with a plan. He didn’t come on Australian Survivor to make friends, he came to make big moves and so far, he’s not just dominated the game — he’s dominated every episode.

This year’s season is practically The George Show and tbh, I’m not complaining. Describing himself as a spin-doctor for the government, this Bankstown Labor Party President didn’t come across as immediately likeable. In the first episode, he struggled to make friends or form alliances on the Brains Tribe. He then alienated half his tribe when he saved himself and five castaways from elimination, after making an awkward speech about how Mitch (the doctor) was calling too many shots in the tribe.

This got a lot of people offside: after all it was very early in the game to be speaking so openly about strategy. From here, most of his tribe underestimated George, plotting to vote him out, but last night George used an idol to save himself from a likely eviction, while Mitch — the man he’d been gunning for since the first tribal — was sent home.

George didn’t actually vote for Mitch last night, but it was still a poetic ending to the ultimate underdog story. There’s just something about George that makes viewers want to root from him. The moment in last night’s episode where he proudly waltzed through camp wearing his idol was probably the most joy I’ve felt in weeks…yes, I’m stuck in lockdown, but still!

It was such a sweet and triumphant moment.

Considering how much airtime George has been getting, I would assume (and hope) that he is in for the long haul this season. Frankly, if George goes, I’m going too!

Viewers can’t get enough of this socially awkward, Macedonian Jesus obsessed, puzzle-solving king, and truly weird unit.

It’s official! Survivor fans are in love with unexpected hero, George:

I love this game!

Australian Survivor airs Sunday to Tuesday at 7:30pm on Channel 10.