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‘Australian Survivor’ Viewers Finally Got The Winner They Deserved & Fans Are Rejoicing

After 55 days in the harsh climate of the Samoan jungle, tonight’s finale of Australian Survivor crowned its winner and hat a bloody worthy winner they crowned in Melbourne flight attendant Jericho.

It kicked off with a final challenge that saw Tara, Peter and Jericho holding onto a totem pole while standing on cliffside pillars while waves crashed into them. Oh, yeah – and this all went down at night when it was dark and freezing cold.

In the end Jericho outlasted them all. This gave him the power to choose who he battled in the end, and he chose the obvious pick, Tara.

Then, at the final tribal council, each gave a final speech. Tara’s appealed to everyone’s feelz, saying how she sought to befriend everyone. Jericho’s tactic was much different. Instead, he told the jury members how he manipulated them all as his puzzle pieces, it was a risky move that could have blown up in his face.

Just when we thought we were about to find out the result, hostie tells us that we will find out the winner BACK IN AUSTRALIA. Boo! But justice was served, and our man Jericho was announced as the winner.

After last year’s controversial win by Kristie, a result that underwhelmed many, fans are pretty thrilled with the result.

Here’s how Twitter is celebrating Jericho’s win:


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