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AWKS: Katy Perry Busted Lying About Giving “Live Performances” On The Voice & Sunrise

Well this is awkward.

Katy Perry has been promoted as appearing live on The Voice last night and Sunrise this morning, all while being photographed leaving the country well beforehand. Either the networks think we’re all big dumb-dumbs or this is just a total PR disaster.

On yesterday’s grand finale of The Voice, Katy’s appearance was flogged as a ‘live performance’ with her taking the stage to perform her singles ‘Swish Swish‘ and ‘Chained to the Rhythm‘. However, things weren’t adding up, as during this apparent live gig Katy was spotted by paparazzi at Sydney Airport. Awks!

From the airport snaps to various other reliable reports, we can only assume that the entire thing was pre-recorded. It’s being reported that Katy recorded her performances much earlier in the night. She must have fitted it in, while she was here promoting the announcement of her tour on Friday with an in-store appearance at Myer.

If this wasn’t bad enough, this morning on Sunrise again Katy’s appearance had been promoted as “live”.


But with Katy at Sydney airport last night and flying out of the country, it’s obvious this was just another attempt to mislead viewers. In a bizarre attempt to coverup the fact the show was pre-recorded, in the episode Perry sat with hosts David Koch and Sam Armytage at the desk, before announcing, “Let’s deliver some news! Good news, I hope.”

But no news was announced while Perry was there. Well, of course, with the segment actually recorded on Saturday, it would be news that was two days old. The jig was well and truly up as Katy could be heard accidentally saying to an audience member:

“Let’s make your Saturday!”


You can’t fake live television, folks.

Header via Twitter, The Voice Australia. 

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