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14 Awkward Tinder Convos That Will Give You A Full Body Cringe

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Dating apps are often more trouble than they’re worth. Half the time the people you match with don’t even message you back, and when they do, the conversation can be painfully awkward.

I’ve been back on the apps for a couple of weeks now and I’ve already had to endure creepy messages about the fact I’m wearing a choker in one of my profile pics. Another guy just sent me a voice memo asking me to meet up that night…during a state-wide lockdown. Pickings, they are slim.

Then there are the conversations that just don’t go anywhere. Either you’re the one asking all the questions, or their responses are so boring that you lose the will to continue.

So if you’re deliberating over whether to delete your dating apps (for the fifth time this year), then let these Reddit posts from r/Tinder be a sign from above, because oh boy, these messages are truly cringe.

14 awkward Tinder convos that will give you a full body cringe:

1. This girl ain’t got no alibi.

I snagged a slightly less terrible defeat from the jaws of defeat! from Tinder

2. This guy had one job.

3. This joke could have worked if they actually read the bio.

I couldn’t stop laughing from Tinder

4. This guy can keep his 8 inches to himself and his two fish.

He unmatched me 🤷‍♀️ from Tinder

5. This proves some men just shouldn’t talk to women.

I’ve decided to delete my dating profile accounts from Tinder

6. This took a dark turn.

Only solo pics from Tinder

7. This is the perfect way to clap back when someone mistakes you for another chick.

He blocked me. At least I think I’m funny. from Tinder

8. This is a popular pickup line that needs to die asap.

I got confused for a second. from Tinder

9. This is a way to end a conversation before it starts.

I am 30. from Tinder

10. This person must be exhausted after carrying this conversation.

Safe to say I know it’s not gonna work out. from Tinder

11. This person had me in the first half, but then things went awry.

Confidence is key from Tinder

12. This woman prob should have just unmatched.

Match made in heaven from Tinder

13. This is classic Karen behaviour.

Dammit Karen! from Tinder

14. Seriously, can men just ask how you’re doing rather than dropping these inane lines??

My best one yet from Tinder

My advice to you: never swipe right.