The Finale Of ‘The Bachelor’ Was An Absolute SHITSHOW & People Are Not Impressed

Well. The Honey Badger’s quest for… whatever he was looking for has come to an end and it was absolute trash fire from start to finish.

It’s important to start at the very beginning, so let’s debrief super fast before we tackle this mess.

To kick things off, Sophie and Britt both met the Badge’s family. Britt confessed her feelings to Badge’s sis, while Sophie divulged she was falling in luuurve with Nick to his bro.

Badge’s sister was basically like “none of these girls are the right match for him” and also hinted at the fact she didn’t think he was ready to fully settle down. Which makes a lot of sense as to why he decided to be on this show!!

Anyway here’s how it went with Sophie.

the bachelor finale

She told Badge she was falling for him, they kissed!

And here’s how it went with Britt:

the bachelor finale

She told Badge she was in love with him, they kissed!

But then things took a turn and our Bachelor freaked the fuck out.

After kissing Britt, Badge basically freaked out and started implying he wasn’t ready to settle down by saying their timelines were in “different places”.  She tried to convince him he was freaking out because he knew they were “perfect” for each other. I’d write out the whole speech, but I was too busy yelling at the TV through a mouth full of chocolate hearts some PR company sent me in celebration of this show ending.

Britt ended up walking off on him and the next minute, we were at the “choosing” ceremony, or whatever you want to call it.

Sophie was first out of the limo to get her heart broken:

Nick told her he “liked her”, just like he was a 13-year-old, but then said he wasn’t about to “wholeheartedly commit to her” without much further explanation.

“Britt is amazing and Nick is amazing, and I know they’ll be amazing together,” a teary Sophie said. “I’m really happy for her.”

What a bloody legend.

Britt then got out to discover her fate, and… he DUMPED HER TOO:

Yep, the whole time our boi couldn’t commit to EITHER of his final two.


Literally what a waste of time.

Britt decided to then go find Sophie, and tell her what the hell went down and it was the best part of this whole series.

Thoughts and prayers going out to everyone else who wasted eight weeks of their lives on this show.

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