The Housemate Bachelorette Spoof

This Bachelor Spoof Is The Ultimate Search For ‘The One’ (Housemate)

With the Bachelorette all wrapped up, Sophie dishing out her final rose and team Punkee finally catching up on sleep, the world just doesn’t feel right.

It’s our first Wednesday night away from Osher, skillfully masking his pain with blank looks and perfect hair. Oh, Osh how we yearn for ye.

But if you’re wondering what to do with your life tonight, we might just have the next best thing, all thanks to hilarious tongue in cheek comedy, The Housemate.

Australia, meet your new Housemates! Alex and Gemma from Melbourne ☕️ #TheHousemateau

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‘The Housemate’ sees 8 potential roomies discovering the perfect Richmond home in Melbourne’s inner-east. Only, they’ve all found it on the same day. Bummer.

The comedy follows Alex and Gemma as they find their perfect match – handing out one takeaway coffee at a time. The character clichés include two vegans (in a cook-off to ‘bring home the bacon‘), a first-year arts student, a publicist, a ‘party planner’ and the one who works at Sporsgirl. Comedy gold. The format sticks to the original Bachelor and Bachelorette and we are 100% here for it.

Check out the first episode below, and head over to their well-curated Facebook page and Instagram page for more + hilarious profiles on each contestant.

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