bachelor in paradise abbie

Abbie Chatfield Has Slammed Her Former ‘The Bachelor’ Co-Stars For Bullying

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Some of the best Bachelor In Paradise drama is currently going down off-screen, with Abbie Chatfield taking to Instagram earlier to respond to new footage showing Cass and Mary bitching about her while in the villa.

The spicy footage captured from inside the girls’ rooms while filming BIP included Cass and Mary making fun of Abbie for wearing a bikini and later celebrating her elimination, with Cass saying “I’m so glad she got the f*ck out.”

Abbie posted clips of the footage to her Instagram stories while filming her response, commenting, “We have the bullying and the slut-shaming about me wearing a bikini, despite the fact that everyone else seems to be wearing a bikini. But it’s an issue because it’s me,” Abbie began.

“I was under the impression we [Cass and Mary] were all fine and friendly after last season. I was even forgiving what those two had said about me in the media, but they continue to come after me in their own little private time, thinking that they aren’t being filmed.”

bachelor in paradise abbie

Abbie went on to say that this behaviour reflects what she faced while living in the Bachy mansion in 2019. “I have been gaslit for a month by these girls and by this whole country, saying that I’m a bad person and I’m the villain, when all they do is this. This was my experience in the mansion, I literally feel so validated because for the first time you guys can see what I was saying when I said I was targeted,” she continued.

“People wouldn’t talk to me, people would be bitching about me behind my back, they would be whispering about me. It was genuinely insane.”

She went on to reveal more about her time on The Bachelor.

“People would say that ‘drama just follows Abbie’ but no, these girls are ganging up on me. Oh my god, I’ve been gaslit for a fucking year! For a year!  It’s been like, you’re the bad person. This is actually triggering back to the mansion days.”

Abbie said that the nasty comments kept coming even after filming finished. “I remember one time someone said [to the media] that ‘she cries off-camera and then is really happy on-camera.’  You know why I’m crying? Because I’m being fucking bullied.”

She concluded her posts by saying she was surprised at how she struggled to maintain friendships with the contestants on Matt Agnew’s Bachelor season. “I have no issue making female friends. I have the most beautiful friends” Abbie said.

“This is the first time in my life that I’ve had women, as a group, dislike me continually for a year and I’ve done nothing to them. It’s fucking horrendous.”

Neither Cass nor Mary have responded to Abbie’s comments.

Watch Abbie’s full Instagram story here.